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A Solution Demo, short for demonstration, typically refers to a presentation or hands-on display of a software or business management solution. The term "SBO" is not universally recognized in this... Read More

VOS3000 is a softswitch platform used in the field of telecommunications. A softswitch is a central device in a telecommunications network that connects calls from one phone line to another,... Read More

London School of Management Education (LSME) is a Management and Business School in London. A Higher Education Institute born out of a passion to provide lifelong learning opportunities to people... Read More

In pipe systems, a Pipe Fitting is used to join straight pieces of pipe, fit to various sizes or forms, and serve other tasks including controlling fluid flow. We provide... Read More

Tussen de binnen – en de buitenmuur is een open ruimte in veel bestaande bestaande woningen tussen c a 1925 1975 welke niet geïsoleerd in Deze ruimte... Read More