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In the Indian tractor market, the Massey 1035 is one of the top tractors. It's dependable, simple to operate, low-maintenance, and long-lasting. The Massey 1035 tractor is a powerful asset... Read More

silent generator for home available in India

The noise generated by some generators is enough to disrupt your sleep and it is not possible to turn them off while you're sleeping. So that perfect house pvt ltd... Read More

15 kva generator price available in India

Looking for a generator that is powerful, durable, and from a trusted brand? Look no further! Perfect house pvt ltd offering a premium 15 kva generator at an affordable price.... Read More

Petrol chainsaw | chainsaw cutter

Perfect Petrol Chainsaw is an effective handy tool that are used for people having lawns, gardens or even farms. It is used to effortlessly trim heavy, dense shrubs. It is... Read More

Brush cutter machine | Brush cutter backpack

Brush Cutters machine are a multipurpose equipment useful not just for cutting crops, but also for removing weeds. They are equipped with a small but powerful engine that enables it... Read More

knapsack power sprayer  knapsack power sprayer 4 stroke

Knapsack Power Sprayer 4 stroke is an essential agriculture equipment that is suitable for spraying any kind of liquid, be it pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers etc. on plants and crops. Ideal... Read More

Portable power sprayer | portable power sprayer for agriculture

Perfect Portable Power Sprayer is ideal for spraying water, pesticides, herbicides etc. being a multipurpose gadget, this equipment is designed to be suitable for farms and lawns alike. Its energy... Read More

Htp power sprayer | htp sprayer

Perfect HTP Sprayers can be easily attached with tractor and be used for high pressure spraying. A high-power sprayer, Perfect Sprayer or HTP Spray Pump are ideal for two people... Read More

Welcome DST News! Our goal is to provide non-biased education and market information for Accredited Investors on DSTs. We were established by DST Investments, LLC, a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) that... Read More

Dogs also need care like humans. If you do not take care of your dog properly, the dog becomes sick and weak. We certainly will not want such a misfortune... Read More