The Power of Shared Experiences By Richard Scott Rahn

Many studies have proved that social interaction or a strong support network can foster emotional and mental health. It is no doubt essential in adult life. Thankfully, it can be achieved in various ways, such as initiating interaction with other people. Through these interactions, you will learn so much about the world. Scott Rahn authored The Book of It, a book that tells the author’s encounters through strands of passing across history, literature, religious texts, and philosophies. Scott Rahn’s book on histories and legends of the world is a product of years of reading and listening to the words and teachings of others. It is proof of how beautiful and significant the power of shared experiences is.

Being connected to other people is a must if you want to be emotionally healthy. Reaching out to friends, family, and colleagues can help you feel this connection. In times of the pandemic, where people have to isolate themselves from other people as much as possible, it can be tough to do this. The rise to these sudden changes can indeed affect this connection that people are longing for. Luckily, the internet has provided people ways to mitigate this, at least. People might have different notions and feelings about this method. But to tell you, it is the least you can do. Many advantages are within your reach if you start this journey of sharing your experiences with others and listening to them at the same time. Here are some of the most powerful things you can benefit from shared experiences.

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