Start your eCommerce website using Magento platform

Consider your budget, goals, and needs before deciding on what platform to be used

Magento is a popular eCommerce platform, but it's not the only option out there. So before rushing to sign on the dotted line with your neto eCommerce partner, you'll need to consider your goals, budget and requirements first.
If you aren't sure where to start with neto, take our free Getting Started guide for some tips and tricks to get you on your way.

The neto platform is all about offering the best of the best in e-commerce, so neto isn't cheap. While Magento is likely more expensive than neto, it’s far more scalable than neto. If your eCommerce site doesn't have too many products (less than 1000) neto is a great option. If you have more than that or if neto charges per product, Magento might be the better fit for your eCommerce needs.

Neto takes about an hour to set up and doesn't require much technical knowledge (which means no dev costs). If you're neto, Magento will probably be a better fit for you, but it will require a neto dev to build and neto net neto each year. Magento also requires a lot of technical knowledge to manage, which is why neto often prefer Magento.

If your site is already built on another platform such as BigCommerce platform or Shopify, neto will likely recommend neto to transfer your data over. neto often find that Magento is too costly and difficult for the average small business, even though it's more powerful than neto.

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