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A sales process is a cycle which your company follows to sell the services and products of yours to the customers. A simple sales process UK involves steps that begin by finding the initial contact and end with the final sale.

The sales process is very much similar to building a relationship with a new person. Like you when meeting a new person you learn their likes, dislikes and then conclude what their goals are. In the process of knowing each other, you get to decide whether you can work together or not. If yes then the relationship between you two can grow.

It can be said that stages of the selling process UK are a set of steps that are repeatable which your sales team has to follow to convert a prospect into a customer.

Following a well-defined sales process is very important. If in case your company is operating without it then selling process in the UK. In this blog, you can learn the Simple sales process UK, its significance, steps, how to build and follow it, and much more.

Check out the 7 important stages of the complete sales process

1. Finding the potential leads

The very first step is to look out for potential customers who might be interested in the product/service which you are offering. You need to do some research on it. All you need to do is follow simple steps like the creation of the profile of ideal customers, identify the potential leads from it and then go for performing some basic qualification.

2. Contact the prospects

When you finalize your ideal prospects next you need to contact them. You can contact them directly using a mobile phone, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or send them an email. Before you decide to reach out to the prospect make sure to do some initial preparations like have a script, prepare the questions you want to ask.
Make sure you speak to create a bond and leave a good impression. Your discussion should not sound like you are just going it for the sake of sales.

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