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Infrared heater
Infrared heaters are heating panels that emit infrared radiation. This long-wave infrared radiation gives the same heat as the sun, and therefore feels great on your skin. The infrared panels heat you as a person, but not the air in the room.

Infrared heating is therefore ideal for use in places where you are often. So at the sitting area, in your office or above the dining table. And the beautiful? You can also control them with your smartphone!

Infrared heat, what is it anyway?

There are quite a few myths about infrared heating. For example, the radiation would be unhealthy, you can sit in it for a maximum of half an hour, or you would have to be very rich to afford such heating. All nonsense of course! With an infrared heater, the heat is generated by electricity. Yet it is different from the electric heating that you may know as a stove. With an infrared heater, the electricity is converted into infrared radiation. This provides a more direct and economical way of heating, making infrared panels a good alternative to heating on gas. Infrared heating is safe and tasty. You put the plug in the socket and you can already enjoy wonderful warmth.

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