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Infrared Gas Analyser|Maersk H2S

Infrared Gas Analyser|Maersk H2S

Submitted by • August 27, 2020

Gas detecting equipments are devices that help in measuring and detecting a particular type or different types of gases if they are leaked in a certain premise. Whether it is capable of detecting one gas or multiple gases is dependent on their manufacturing. There are gas detectors that are fixed at the same there ones that are portable. But here we are going to discuss in detail about the infrared gas detectors or IR gas detector.
An infrared gas analyzer can detect gas compounds that have a clear absorption band in the infrared spectrum through a comparison with a standard sample of the same gas. Heat is applied to absorption containers holding the two gases, which are separated by a diaphragm linked to a metal plate in an electrical condenser. If the two gases are chemically identical, the diaphragm will not register any pressure differences under heating, but if the gas is mixed with a high-absorption tracer gas, the diaphragm will move in relation to the metal plate.

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