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How to Write an Interesting Book about Food?

How to Write an Interesting Book about Food?

Submitted by • October 1, 2020

Remembrance of Meals Past by Anita Legsdin is an interesting and entertaining book about one of the best things in the world – food! It is a literary masterpiece that contains numerous stories as well as recipes for certain dishes that the author herself has perfected. Remembrance of Meals Past is only one of the hundreds and thousands of food books out there. However, what sets this masterpiece by Anita Legsdin different from the others is that it combines recipe teaching and storytelling together in a perfect stir. The relatable and fun stories in this book mix so well with the unique recipes that Anita Legsdin generously shares. These things are what makes Remembrance of Meals Past a very interesting read for all food enthusiasts. Taking an inspiration from this Anita Legsdin masterpiece, below are some tips on how you can write your own interesting book about food.

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