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Great and unique RC airplane kits to build

Great and unique RC airplane kits to build

Submitted by • October 27, 2020

As RC planes gain more and more attention from many RC hobbyists, the number of models that appear in big stores, like HorusRC's online shop, is also rising. ZOHD, a brand that specializes in creating amazing Airplane models, took part in this growth as well. Thus, here are presented three successful RC Airplane Kits to Build made by ZOHD that you can buy at First, the Dart250G, one that certainly conquered the hearts of many users with its graceful lightness.

Following, comes Talon GT Rebel 1000mm Wingspan V-Tail, which was, as a matter of fact, created before Dart250. “Rebel” brought many impressive details and innovations alongside its robust design. And, to conclude: Orbit NEON LED FPV Flying Wing. This colorful plane came to extend the fun to any hour of the day, as an upgraded version of the Orbit FPV Flying Wing, that has already been around for a while. Do look forward to getting these RC Plane Kits to Build at!

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