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Gorgeous Ways To Style Ghana Braids

Gorgeous Ways To Style Ghana Braids

Submitted by • March 23, 2020

Ghana braids have been around since 5000 BC. Yes, you read that right sistah! They are versatile, neat and make a great protective hairstyle. The sky is the limit when it comes to styling these gorgeous babies and we’ve put down our favourite 3 ways to style Ghana braids.Don’t these zig-zag braids look absolutely futuristic? It’s like we’ve time travelled into 2030! The braids are weaved in such that they form zig zag patterns. The pop of colour however is the real star of this look. It is very important to use the right hair extensions so we recommend Darling Long Abuja for shiny and long-lasting braids. For anyone who doesn’t dare to or cannot permanently commit to this shade of rouge, the Darling Abuja Long extensions are available in Red too. There you have it, nothing’s keeping you from trying this look on even today!

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