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Founder of Lucknow International Public School- Sonika Singh

Founder of Lucknow International Public School- Sonika Singh

Submitted by • May 28, 2020

Our main inspiration is to provide Educational Excellence, in which every student makes a positive contribution during the time with us. In expecting Excellence we ensure that children enjoy school in a happy, safe, and secure environment designed to fulfill their potential. We also strive to provide a caring, supportive, and challenging atmosphere to the children, in which they can grow and flourish to the esteemed heights.
Children are the most precious gift to us. We expect all the children to do their best as they can and aspire to excel in diverse fields. Also, we would like to have mutual support and partnership from parents and we request the parents to actively participate in their child’s school activities. I strongly believe that true education should instill knowledge, creativity, tradition, and culture among children.

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