Blue Social – Connecting With Smart NFC Technology

The Smart Business Card

We all know how our favorite best new social media apps connect us with the online world, but what about a new way to meet where you can maximize opportunities with those you come across in real life? That’s the power of Blue, where we merge all of your contact info and online presence into a single profile that you can share with others through contactless tapping of our Blue Smart Cards to a smart device.

This allows you to boost your digital profile in a brand new way since our proprietary auto-networking technology can help you discover those around you, not miles away, and with a feature that encourages interactions by breaking the ice. By networking in this way, the user is essentially combining their virtual experiences with their real-life experiences. In a world where so much of what we do and who we are is displayed in the expanse that is the web, putting all of it together in one place just makes a whole lot of sense!

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