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Teachers in our Government Schools are inspired and aligned. If their background, their work schedule and their current mindset is accepted and complemented with empowering tools, they can very well... Read More

Learning tablets can be considered a full-fledged learning system at home in the times when everything is under a lockdown and uncertainty of schools re-opening. Parents and teachers can take... Read More

Why was a new policy required?

Government had commenced the process of formulating a New Education Policy through the consultation process for an inclusive, participatory and holistic approach; which took expert opinions, field experiences, empirical research,... Read More

Digital Content for Smart Classes

Centralised Reporting Dashboard For Continuous Monitoring And Impact Assessment Irrespective of whether you use the content on tablets, mobile app or smart class, our learning platform records every instance of... Read More

tablet based smart ICT Lab in school

ICT stands for Information and Communication Technology and was first introduced in India in 2004. The education department then revised the ICT policy in 2010 giving secondary students an opportunity... Read More

educational tablet for students in india

The iDream Learning Tablets are also preloaded with a huge collection of digital books including stories, poems, comics, biographies and much more, you can also refer your students to other... Read More

This article aims at highlighting a few key points from the study done by KPMG on ‘Online Education in India by 2021.’ As per the survey, there are five major categories... Read More

Teachers are the fulcrum around which our entire education ecosystem revolves. Especially in the context of a government school where students are not privileged to have various means of accessing... Read More

You enter a classroom as the one shown above where due to lack of space over 60 students are cramped into one room. Let’s add another layer of complexity to... Read More

Challenges of ICT Lab | iDream Education

In this blog, we are going to look at most pertinent challenges which have emerged while setting up and managing ICT labs in government schools across the country. And it... Read More