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Glycaemic Index testing is availed at Food Research Lab, which gives an overview of the GI labelling practices of in various countries around the world. We understand that consumers have... Read More

The Food Research Lab assists with beverage formulation and discusses how High-Pressure Processing influences the sensory properties of fruit juices and smoothies. More Information: UK MIIC Unit 52-56, Greenheys Business Centre, Pencroft Way, Manchester, England, M15... Read More

How do clinical trials contribute to the success of nutraceuticals?

The Food Research Lab offers techno economic feasibility studies, which help businesses develop products economically and maximise profits. Our team comprises food technologists, scientists and experts who offer clinical trial... Read More

Formulation of Functional Ready-To-Drink Beverage – Guires Food Research Lab

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Clinical Trials for Cosmeceutical and Checklist for Outsourcing

Explore our Herbal and Nutraceutical Clinical Trials Services and Solutions. As a trusted Contract R&D company, we specialize in dietary supplements and nutraceutical clinical research. Our streamlined processes and Checklist... Read More

What are recent different sugar replacers available in the market?

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